VIDEO: Tucker Carlson exposes and destroys Racist Ruben Navarrette #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll #MAGA #Trump

Epic take down of Ruben Navarrette who has been spewing his racist, open border, La Raza garbage in the San Diego Union Tribune, Washington Post, and other media for over two decades.  He proudly calls himself a “Chicano” who speaks on behalf of the 52 million Hispanics in the U.S., many of them illegal aliens.   He admits his grandparents crossed the border from Mexico, but doesn’t say if they came legally.  Ruben lives in Carlsbad, CA.

Ruben wrote a very racist column this week saying that white men should be racially profiled as potential mass killers.   Tucker ripped him to shreds in the below video.  Finally someone had the guts to call him out.  He’s been spewing his hate towards whites, conservatives, and Americans for far too long.  He’s a paid shill for the open border globalists and the left wing media can’t wait to publish his lies and hate every week.

Ruben’s racist column this week below.  He finally couldn’t hold back anymore and let his true feelings of white Americans come out.  If a white editorial writer said this about blacks or Latinos, he would be fired immediately.  The SDUT should fire him immediately!

·      Call the Editor, Jeff Light, and tell him to can his racist editorial writer, Ruben Navarrette.    


Navarrette:  Why it’s time to start profiling white males

SAN DIEGO — White men scare me. There, I said it……


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