Rally/Camping Trip

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“Remember 1986” – Say NO to Amnesty ! 

Rally/Camping Trip 

Thursday, June 6th – “D-Day”


Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Interstate 8, Milepost 124 – Arizona


Lesson of 1986

The lesson from the 1986 experience is that such an amnesty for those illegally in this country did not solve the problem. There was extensive document fraud, and the number of people applying for amnesty far exceeded projections. There was a failure of political will to enforce new laws against employers, and after a brief slowdown, illegal immigration returned to high levels and continued unabated, forming the nucleus of today large population of illegal aliens.

So here we are, 27 years later, having much the same debate and being offered much the same deal.


So What Can Citizens Do To Affect The Outcome Of This Debate ?

BLM Lands along Interstate 8 in Arizona have gained notoriety in the past because of signs posted by BLM ….essentially conceding public lands south of Interstate 8 to Mexican human and drug smugglers 

Starting on June 6th (“D-Day” ), for a period of 4 days, Citizens are called to establish a VISIBLE “Line In The Sand” presence by Rallying/Camping on BLM land just south and north of Interstate 8 (Arizona) at Milepost 124 as a PUBLIC PROTEST to this impending WHOLESALE “GIVE AWAY” OF OUR COUNTRY !

This will accomplish three things:

(1) Provide an opportunity for high public exposure/visibility to our protest/message due the high volume of daily traffic along interstate 8 (and thus bring media attention)

(2) Act as deterrent to drug/illegal alien smuggling through these area. 

(3) Give citizens an opportunity to effect the debate, network with like-minded individuals in a casual setting, an enjoy their public lands and the great outdoors !

This COULD be “BIG”, but it will take YOU to participate !  Doesn’t matter if you can’t be there for the whole 4 days …

… we did this back in 2010 and people rotated in out with only 15 participants ! Bring your motor home, camper, tent, lean-to, ez–ups, BBQs & lawn chairs !  We brought Flags & Signs for display near the right-of-way fence and attached American Flags to every mile marker post ! We hung all the garbage left in the desert by illegal aliens and drug smugglers on the right-of-way fence for all to see ! All the trucks and vehicles that went by were giving us the “high five” and honking their horns. “Field of Dreams”…. you build it and they will come ! 

With what is going on in the US Sentate with the  “GANG of 8” immigration proposals, now is the time for us to turn up the volume and be heard ! 

If you have an interest in helping to pull this off by participating, let me know. Forward this proposal to other people you know who might be interested in participating and get their response !

If enough of our “core group” is willing participate, we can put the idea out to others we know in Arizona and

out of state !

We’re going to make a go/no-go decision on this proposal very soon.

Drop me a reply if you think you would be able to participate… (not a good idea for me to sit out there by myself !)

Thanks !