Take Action


Our 10 Step Plan of Action for America

Democracy is not a spectator sport, please participate in this “REMEMBER 1986” call to action plan to defeat amnesty.

1. Join our Meetup to sign up for event announcements.
2. Educate thyself. Go to Remember 1986 blog daily on the web to stay informed!
3. Place Remember 1986 bumper stickers on all your motor vehicles and ask others to do the same. Also use the Remember 1986 signs to counter-protest at pro-amnesty events
4. Call into talk radio programs when the amnesty issue is being discussed. Thank the screener for covering this important topic.
5. Join NumbersUSA.com to begin faxing congress and to receive timely alerts. Also with FAIRUS.org and CAPSweb.
6. Go to the FAIR Legislative Resources site to find elected and local officials. Support elected officials who effect positive change.
7. Call the White House Comment Line (202) 456-1111, and the Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121
8. Attend public hearings that are sponsored by elected officials. Don’t be afraid to speak.
9. Write letters to the editor and email and/or phone newspaper reporters to give both positive and negative feedback. Media guide here and here. Arizona Republic here.
10. Ask Republicans to deregister to independent in protest of the RNC betrayal of conservative values. Nationwide action link here.  Contact the RNC in Arizona, and National to report to them what you did and why you did it.


The only thing RINOS understand is POWER & MONEY.   If they will throw  America and Conservative Values under the bus for perceived political gain, then “We The People ” should deprive them of POWER and MONEY!

Today, “we the people” are starting  a campaign to DEREGISTER Republicans as INDEPENDENTS !


The best message WE can send to these dis-connected RINOS is that their “Conservative Base” will not continue to support them if they proceed with amnesty for people who have stole their way into this country.

YOU have the POWER to send this message…. its simple and easy ..
Here’s how….

1) Go to your Secretary of State’s website (below is the link for Arizona) and download and print out the voter registration form. You can use this form to CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION… WRITE IN  “INDEPENDENT!”


and Nationwide

Then… sit back and wait to get a letter from your local RNC saying “We want you back” !

Actions speak louder than words…. LET THEM EARN YOU BACK !

2) Contact the RNC in Arizona, and National to report to them what you did and why you did it.