5 Great Immigration Reduction Solutions

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The majority of the nation’s immigration problems would be solved with the passage of one bill in each of these categories.

MANDATE E-VERIFY – Require all employers to check both current employees and new hires through E-Verify to open up 8 million jobs currently held by illegal aliens and ensure new jobs go to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

  • H.R.2885 – Legal Workforce Act offered by Rep. Lamar Smith
  • H.R.483 – The Triple E-VICT Act offered by Rep. Peter DeFazio
  • H.R.800 – E-LAW Act offered by Rep. John Carter
  • H.R.1196 – The LEAVE Act offered by Rep. Gary Miller
  • H.R.2000 – SAVE Act offered by Rep. Heath Shuler
  • S.1196 – Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act offered by Sen. Chuck Grassley

END VISA LOTTERY – End the practice of issuing 55,000 green cards through pure luck and with no regard for job skills or humanitarian needs.

  • H.R.704 – SAFE for America Act offered by Rep. Bob Goodlatte

END CHAIN MIGRATION – Eliminate the family preference visa classes for nonnuclear family members, reducing annual legal immigration numbers by more than 200,000 and ending the endless chain of family-based immigration.

  • H.R.692 – Nuclear Family Priority Act offered by Rep. Phil Gingrey

END BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP – End the practice of offering automatic citizenship to all children born in the United States by requiring that ta least one parent is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. The United States is one of only two developed nations in the world to still offer birthright citizenship.

  • H.R.140 – Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011 offered by Rep. Steve King
  • H.R.1196 – The LEAVE Act offered by Rep. Gary Miller

HELP INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT – Require cooperation between local law enforcement agents and federal agencies in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, and reinstate SCAAP that reimburses states for incarcerating illegal aliens.

  • H.R.100 – The CLEAR Act offered by Rep. Marsha Blackburn
  • H.R.1196 – The LEAVE Act offered by Rep. Gary Miller