Salinas citizen revolt

Remember 1986, a coalition opposed to S. 744, the Senate Immigration Reform Bill, will be holding a rally on the steps of the Salinas Post Office, at 100 West Alisal Street, at ten o’clock next Tuesday, May 21st..   United in our opposition to this man-made disaster of legislation, we loathe this bill for a variety of reasons.  The major theme of this meeting is to seek out those individuals who truly believe that the seven amnesties since 1986 have made Salinas a cleaner, more peaceful, better educated, more prosperous, and more harmonious and united community today than it was then. We challenge these individuals to put their money where their mouth is, and actually evaluate the changes that have occurred to Salinas since 1986.  We, the supporters of Remember 1986, are willing to wager that those of us who are familiar with the community Salinas used to be, before 1986, and what it is today, 25 years later, and who vehemently disagree with these amnesty supporters, are in the majority.  We challenge the mayor and city council members, the county supervisors, religious and business leaders, who have actually come out in support of so-called “true immigration reform” to put their money where their mouths are, and enter into a wager with us who believe S. 744 is the bill from hell.  We encourage those who actually think that passing out green cards to millions of renegade citizens of foreign nations whose greatest talents are breaking our laws, stealing and falsifying identity documents, sucking up social benefits far more costly than the puny taxes they pay can offset, manufacturing out-of-wedlock anchor babies, and stealing our jobs will make our city a better place to live for all of us, to put their money where their mouth is!  Minimum bet is $ 500, deposited in a trust account at RaboBank, Trust division.  Winners take all.  All wagers due by COB Monday, May 27th.  Put up or shut up, Sam Farr, Anthony Canella, Norm Groot, Steve McShane, Kimbley Craig, Jyl Lutes, Joe Gunther, Simon Salinas, Fernando Armenta, Jane “Janie Girl” Parker, and all the other community “leaders” supporting this Obamanation of legislation.


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  1. Bruce May 20, 2013

    And remember if S. 744 passes the US will receive approx. 33million more immigrants just thru this Bill in the next 10 years!! At the same time our congress is legally accepting 1 million more new citizens each year during this same 10 years. these numbers are unsustainable for a quality way of life in the USA especially in Salinas.

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