S744 National Press Day


WE THE PEOPLE held national media events nationwide on May 21st, 2013 at 10:00am, in an effort to help DEFEAT S744. LINK

Videos and photos of the event:  http://remember1986.com/multimedia/


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National Press Event


Remember 1986 Press Event

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“Remember 1986″ – National Press Day Held Today

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1) choose a sidewalk location (State Capitols, Congressional offices, Federal Bldg., Courthouse, City Hall, local RNC and Tea Party offices, public parks, etc.)

2) choose a moderator and speaker newsmakers who represent various viewpoints:  ethnic, faith, business, labor, education, elected officials, law enforcement, science, pillars of the community, activists, VIP celebrities, experts in science/education/economics, etc.

3) create and distribute a press release (sample) to local media including print, TV, radio, RNC/GOP and Tea Party offices, and bloggers (see F.A.I.R,  mondotimes.com).  Contact Van Esser <van@numbersusa.com> for a spreadsheet of the media contacts in your area.

4) identify local coordinator(s) for the media contact and location reference listing below

Optional ideas:  podium, microphone & speaker system, stage, tent, banners, charts, American/state flags, signs, and handouts.  After the press conference you may wish to plan rallies, pot lucks, town halls, processions or marches, or any type of event that invites public participation and involvement.  You are encouraged to print out S744 for a show and tell, and if you have a YouTube channel make sure you record it for all to see. (If you are renting the PA system be sure to ask them for a “mult box” so that the media easily plug into it.)


1) please participate in a press embargo prior to the event

2) notify your police community response team in advance, they will appreciate it

3) keep speakers to 2 minutes each and leave time for Q & A

4) use social media and your existing databases to promote your event

5) the best backdrop for your news conference would be to have as many citizen lobbyists with signs as you can possibly muster standing behind your newsmakers

6) shoot for the stars but manage your expectations and remember that if you only have one speaker and one reporter…you made a difference!

Possible speaker sound bite talking points:  1) expected costs and impacts, 2) enforcement alternatives 3) RNC betrayal of principles, 4) the promise of enforcement, 5) 22 million unemployed Americans, 6) disposition of illegal aliens who do not become RPI’s, 7) border security, 8) 33 million new immigrants over the next decade, 9) terrorism and national security, 10) public welfare and environmental issues, 11) your Congressman’s view of S.744 12) unrealistic congressional timetable and process.  ALSO see “Bad for America” here, and “4 Big Problems With The Bill” here.


Press conference Contacts and Locations:


Alabama – AL – Zan Green – zan@rainydaypatriots.org – Rainey Day Patriots – IRS Building LINK

ArizonaAZ – Phoenix – McCain/Flake offices, 22nd Street and Camelback Road, S/E corner LINK

– Richard K – Pete Clark – wtfaz2010@yahoo.com – wtfstf.webs.com – Tucson LINK LINK2

– Rusty Childress – usa@remember1986.com – Remember 1986 LINK

– Tim Rafferty – timrafferty@cox.net – Riders USA – LINK

–  Al Garza – Douglas Thomas – dtfsdf@oco.net – Secure Border Intel – Vacant lot – 1 block west of 1498 E. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista LINK


– Robert McCready – rmccready@suddenlink.net – Arkansas River Valley Tea Party

– Kenneth Wallis – keeparkansaslegal@yahoo.com – Arkansas Tea Party – Arkansas State Capitol LINK


– Robin Hvidston -rhvidston1@verizon.net – We The People California’s Crusader – Sen. Dianne Feinstein LA office LINK LINK2

– Bill Carrothers – CIH5102@earthlink.net – Salinas LINK


– Pastor Mike – info@marriagefortoday.com – Marriage For TodayLINK


– Richard Freer – floridiansagainstamnesty@gmail.com – Floridians Against Amnesty

– David Caulkett – dave@flimen.org – Joice Tarnow – tarnowj@bellsouth.net – Floridians For Immigration Enforcement – Doral office of Senator Rubio, 8669 NW 36 St. Miami LINK

– Thomas Tomlinson – sportsslough@comcast.net – Joyce Tarnow – Florida for Sustainable Population – Jacksosnville offices of Rubio and Nelson on Tuesday, 11AM at Rubio’s and 2 PM at Nelson’s


– Marie Ruhland – marie@hiipm.com – Hilo Patriots – Bay Front Park – King Kamehameha statue – 4pm


– Rick Biesada – The Chicago Minuteman Project – interviews only – 773-771-3927


– Cheree Calabro – tony 1946@comcast.net – Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform & Enforcement (IFIRE) LINK


– Richard D Fry – Richard@firecoalition.com – Fire Coalition & November Patriots – Topeka


– Luis Pozzolo – lbp.action@yahoo.com – America For Lawful Immigration Solutions Today Link


Jonette Christian – jonettechristian@rocketmail.com – Mainers For Sensible Immigration Policy LINK


– Sam Hale – marylandpatriots@gmail.com – Maryland Society of Patriots

– Brad Botwin – bb67chev@aol.com – Help Save Maryland


– Jay Dwyer – jayd@firsteastern.com – Greater Waltham Tea Party


– Lee Kennedy – lee@faithfamilyfreedom.com – Faith Family Freedom Fund – Carson City

– Rita Bonilla – lvpatriotlady@cox.net – America Citizens United Nevada LINK

– Connie Foust – conniefoust@regan.com – Mesquite Tea Party – Mesquite, In front of the US Government IRS office, 110 City Parkway, Las Vegas

New JerseyNJ

– Ron Bass – ronbass2010@comcast.net -917-709-0039 – United Patriots of America – link link2

New Mexico

– Therese Cooper – theresecooper@comcast.net – New Mexico Patriot Support Team –  5338 Montgomery NE Albuquerque

New YorkNY

– Basil Mantagas – bmantagasoptonline.net –  New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement NYICE – Steps of City Hall, link link2

– Linda Edwards – eastendteaparty@hotmail.com – 11:30am – Southampton, NY Town Hall, in front of our legislator Tim Bishop’s office

North CarolinaNC

– Ron Woodard – rwoodard@nclisten.com – NC Listen – Raleigh

– James Johnson – ncfire@ncfire.info – North Carolinans for immigration Reform & Enforcement – Wade

North DakotaND

– Vern Brossart- vernonbrossart@yahoo.com – Willison Tea Party 


– Reaper – raia.ohio@gmail.com – RAIA Ohio – Mansfield

– Julie Aldrich – julieaaldrich@aol.com, grassrootsohio@gmail.com – Ohio Citizens for Sensible Immigration – 11 am S. High Street and W. Broad St.  (In front of the Huntington Building) Northwest corner of Capitol Square. Columbus – LINK

–  John Muzik – askformore@fuse.net – Boehner’s office


– Carol Helms – ironideas@yahoo.com – IRON Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now – Oklahoma State Capitol, 4th Floor Press Room, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., TIME: 10:30am


– Cynthia Kendoll – jcniles@teleport.com – Oregonians For Immigration Reform LINK


– Daniel Smeriglio – america.list.7@facebook.com – Voice of the People

– Marge Adelsberger – adelsberger8@yahoo.com – PA4ICE (Pennsylvanians for Immigration Control and Enforcement) – Bucks County Courthouse at Main and Court Streets in Doylestown 10am.

Rhode IslandRI

– Terry Gorman – riile2@cox.net – Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement (RIILE)

South CarolinaSC

– Roan Garcia-Quintana – roangq@bellsouth.net – Americans Have Had Enough Coalition – LINK

South Dakota

Rep. Stace Nelson – rep.nelson@state.sd.us – Legislature @StaceNelson


– Noella Oberlin – noellaoberlin@hotmail.com – Chattanooga


– George Rodriguz – grodri3615@aol.com – South Texas Alliance

– Joe Loya – lajoe@sbcglobal.net – www.agentramos.com – El Paso

– Maria Espinoza – maria@theremembranceproject.org – Houston Eagle Forum, The Remembrance Project – Houston LINK

– Marie Martinez – ircot2@yahoo.com – IRCOT, TFIRE, Stop Magnet- Houston


– Ron Mortensen – protectfamilies@gmail.com – Defending Our Childrens Future – Bountiful Utah American Legion Hall, 52 West 200 South, Bountiful, Utah at 10 a.m. on the 21st.


– Brian Rieck – Bristol Tea party


– Bob West –  wwwest@wabroadband.com –  Grass Roots of Yakima Valley -Yakima Valley LINK

– Leon Donahue – wfir@comcast.net – Washingtonians for Immigration Reform – Federal Building

– Craig Keller – craig@respectwashington.us – Respect Washington – 11:00am INS Building, 815 Seattle Blvd. So. (So. Dearborn Street) Seattle LINK


– Dave Gorak – mcri@mwt.net – Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration – 10 a.m. at Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s office in Madison,  14 W. Mifflin Street, Suite 207, Madison LINK


– David Kellet – davidk@kicomputing.com – Frank Jorge – Big Horn Basin Tea Party – Frank and Friends – LINK