S.744 Nasty facts

The new Immigration Bill:

1. will COST Taxpayers $6.3 Trillion, just for amnesty; via Heritage Foundation
2. contrary to Rubio’s rhetoric, his no-welfare claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.
3. illegal aliens won’t have to pay back taxes to the US (page 68).
4. allows illegal aliens to access state and local welfare benefits immediately.
5. calls for a national biometric database on all adult Americans.
6. requires every American to obtain a National ID card to work legally in the U.S.
7. grants amnesty simply after submitting a security ‘trigger’ ‘PLAN’.
8. same chain migration provisions extended to family outside US at DHS discretion.
9. DREAM fast-track amnesty with NO age cap allows citizenship in five years.
10. over 400 waivers, exceptions, and exclusions. Enormous power grab by DHS.
11. grants amnesty to criminals and gang members. Criminal ‘catch & release’ easier.
12. makes legal immigrants eligible for subsidized Obamacare upon arrival. Costly.
13. $150 million SLUSH FUND for kickbacks to groups who wrote, promoted bill.
14. border agents put under thumb of DOJ; Office of Civil Rights (Sec.1111,1112, 1113).
15. prohibits border officers apprehending alien who “appear eligible” for legalization (69-70).
16. guts state laws prohibiting employment of illegal aliens. Anti-Arizona crowd; Rubio.
17. requires taxpayers to foot the bill for illegals to fight deportation.
18. on page 496, the bill explicitly ‘preempts’ states from enforcing immigration laws.
19. does not require Amnestied illegal aliens to learn English; Or even ‘de facto’ English.
20. provides protection for illegal identity thieves, but no restitution for victims.
21. amnestied aliens who stole American identities given new SS # and clean slate.
22. allows aliens, lobbies to sue US government for amnesty (page 75). Lawyer prize.
23. employers who aided fraud by accepting bogus ID’s, SS #’s won’t face penalty.
24. Families of elderly parents now living outside US, eligible for fed benefits in 10 yrs.
25. deportations are suspended for everyone here; bill invites deported to come back.
26. allows aliens who have been deported to return and get legalization (pages 61-66).
27. makes application’s secret; never be used by DHS for deportation (page 118).
28. ostensibly halts all deportations for 2.5 yrs. Subject to sole discretion of DHS.
29. no fence. The plan only calls for DHS Secretary to “establish fence strategy”.
30. gives secretary of DHS the sole power to certify if the borders is secure.
31. provisions in bill show that 66% of Southern border will be unprotected.
32. Requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have 90% apprehension rate.
33. no biometric exit-entry system as currently required by law. Watered-down provisions.
34. “community organizers” educate immigrants on citizenship and American principles.
35. no DHS requirement to interview applicants for legalization (pg.105). Rubber-stamp.
36. no gov’t documents or background checks required to identify new immigrants.
37. discourages DHS from deporting aliens even if denied legalization.(Sec. 245B-3-A)
38. prohibits alien deportation until after appeals are exhausted years into future (page 73).
39. eligible for legalization even if found by court a phony asylum application filed (page 66).
40. puts drastic limitations on “profiling” on employer side and law enforcement side.
41. Rubio’s proclaimed Border Commission is only glorified DHS advisory committee.
42. easy pathway to get asylum. Eliminates 1-year window for asylum (page 551).
43. grants tremendous political power to the Mexican gov’t, Left groups and La Raza.
44. every form of enforcement promised was promised in 1986, 1990, 1996 immigration acts.
45. E-verify and watered-down visa tracking system are not implemented for TEN years.
46. replaces E-verify with unspecified verification system not available for years (p. 503)
47. adds addt’l 33M permanent workers via amnesty, future immigration in 10 yrs. Graph.
48. special-interest provisions, favors connected agribiz special interests, not small farms.
49. requires immigration officers help aliens apply; advertise legalization program (page 93).
50. opens door for class action lawsuits; judges appoint taxpayer-funded council (p. 567).