The REMEMBER 1986 coalition believes that a truly comprehensive approach to immigration enforcement must never include an amnesty of any kind but should instead encompass the following targeted measures designed to reduce illegality, empower immigration officers, restore worksite and interior enforcement, and put a stop to catch-and-release practices:

New policy requirements:

• Implement a nationwide mandatory workplace verification (E-Verify) and employer sanctions to protect American jobs and wages. If illegal aliens can not find employment, they will voluntarily return home to reunite with their families

• Mandate completion of visa overstays tracking with a biometric exit-entry data system, deportation of violators as well as establishment of criminal penalties for visa overstays

• Complete of a double-layer fence including technology along the length of our southern US border, as previously authorized by Congress

• Empower local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE officers by eliminating local sanctuary policies 

• Reinstate the Secure Communities Program

• Militarize the border to gain full operational control of all trafficking and terrorist activity

• Increase penalties for employers who knowingly employ illegal aliens with mandatory jail and fines

Increase penalties for alien new hires that provide false information on I-9 form

• Suspend visas to countries with high overstay rates or those that won’t repatriate criminal aliens

• Make human alien smuggling and document fraud high felonies with mandatory prison time under RICO statutes

• Make illegal entry a felony

• Establish a skill-based vs. reunification-based immigration policy

• Create provisions to prohibit alien access to all Social Service programs at the federal, state and local level 


Failed policies requiring termination:

• Catch and release practices through Prosecutorial Discretion and on the border with mandatory detention and expedited deportations

• Chain migration

• Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility for anyone who is not a United States Citizen

Temporary Protected Status, or TPS

• Birthright citizenship

• Matricula consular cards used as a form of ID for foreign nationals illegally residing in the US

• Visa lottery

• Asylum and refugee loopholes

• Free k-12 education to illegal aliens

• Federal funds for sanctuary cities

• Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) allocation to illegal aliens

• Seventy-two hour deportation notices (known as “run letters”)

• Public benefits for anyone in this country illegally or for visa holders

• In-state tuition to illegal aliens

• Massive transfer of wealth though tax-free remittances