Oregonians for Immigration Reform On the steps of the capitol in Salem

Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Tuesday, May 21 from 11am – 1pm, On the steps of the capitol in Salem. 

Oregonians for Immigration Reform will host National Day of Remembrance media event on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol. Activists from across the country are gathering for a nationwide “press release” in opposition to the “Gang of Eight” and their proposed amnesty legislation.

OFIR plans to piggy back this National event with our statewide efforts. OFIR has filed a referendum with the Secretary of State’s office in an effort to get SB 833 – a bill granting driver privilege cards to illegal aliens, overturned by a vote of the people.

Representatives Kim Thatcher and Sal Esquivel, Chief Petitioners of the referendum will join us at noon (or as soon as the House adjourns that day) on the capitol steps. If you live in or around Salem, please plan to attend.

At the end of our scheduled events, we will distribute packets to volunteers containing referendum petition signature sheets, a copy of SB833 text and an instruction sheet.  Volunteers wanting to collect some of the 58,142 signatures we need to get by the end of September can simply sign in and then will be given a packet.

The Oregon Legislature passed SB833, which would provide driver privilege cards for illegal aliens in Oregon.

It took less than one month from introduction of the bill to signing it into law, with little opportunity for public input.  Our goal, with Protect Oregon Driver Licenses is to overturn the bill and give Oregon citizens a chance to have a voice and a vote on such an important issue. Visit  Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses gather petition signatures  if more Oregonians want to help collect signatures, too.

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