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October 04,2012

Phoenix City Council Considering Local ID for Undocumented Immigrants

October 12, 2012

Phoenix ID cards urged for migrants

February 21, 2014

Will Phoenix ID card document the undocumented?

October 21, 2014

Phoenix Considers City Identification Cards

March 26, 2015

Phoenix subcommittee votes to look into adopting multipurpose municipal IDs

March 30, 2015

Councilman Nowakowski’s off has just confirmed that Laura Pastor’s ID card is the same card he was pushing for back in 2012. Call to his office was made at 2:15 pm.

March 31, 2015

Phoenix coalition to hear ID card pitch from program creator

April 07, 2014

Immigration Reform News Update: NYC Council Speaker to Pitch NYC Municipal ID Program in Arizona


APRIL 08, 2015




March 25, 2015

Phoenix Councilwoman Laura Pastor has teamed up with an organization called the  “Center for Neighborhood Leadership” and “One PHX ID” in order to introduce the “Unified City Services/Municipal ID Card“. The card is being promoted as a way to condense many City services into one ID card for City of Phoenix residents. Seems logical, doesn’t it? It is suspected however, that this ID card may insidiously be used as an avenue to legitimize the status of Illegal Alien’s who reside within the City of Phoenix.

The  “fly in the ointment” in all of this is that the “Center for Neighborhood Leadership” is a de facto, left wing Pro-Obama “Community Organizing” group. Both Councilwoman Pastor and this organization hope to push this agenda item through with the ultimate goal of it being approved by the Phoenix City Council. Once Phoenix takes the bait it will be a matter of time before other municipalities in the State of Arizona follow suit.

A public meeting on this item is scheduled for the City Council Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee at the request of Councilwoman Laura Pastor, who is chairwoman of the subcommittee. It is set for Wednesday March 25, 2015 at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ @ 9:00 AM. All individuals and organizations concerned about all “Backdoor Amnesty” activity sponsored by governmental entities should have ample representation.

March 27, 2015

Dear friends, Wednesday March 25 morning several of us attended the City Of Phoenix hearing on the proposed ID Cards they want to issue the city residents -mostly done for the illegals. These people were there in large numbers, whereas those of us who opposed the additional, unnecessary cost to all taxpayers, were only about 10. They all wore identifying shirts to show who was supporting the issue of the ID Cards that would work for many areas.

The reason given for the ID is that many people have trouble getting IDs to use the City Services ie:Bus, Library, and other City (benefits?). I’ve lived in Arizona most of my life and never had a problem getting an ID. Number one, I have a driver’s license, if I become ineligible to maintain a DR, I can apply for an ID card from the State Motor Vehicle Dept. I also have a Passport, Medical Insurance card, SS# number, membership in several organizations, and many credentials. I realize many people don’t have that, but any legitimate citizen or legal immigrant would have some of these I mentioned.

So why the urgency from two Hispanic Council members: Laura Pastor, and Daniel Valenzuela to print Municipal IDs for everyone, “using our information”, that they already have from the services they provide
Ie: water, sewer, and any time we do business with the City. Are they going to harvest legitimate info.,from our record to provide services to those who are here illegally? I am deeply concerned about that. They are the only ones who have difficulty proving who they really are, if they’re here illegally.

Councilman Waring Dist. 2 was the only “NO” vote, the two Hispanderers voted to give the ID Cards. I know there will be more hearings and eventually all the Council has to vote on the final decision, but my
concern is that there were many Hispanics (mostly illegals, and DACA recipients), along with some poor misguided “Reverends”? The religious supporters are there for the same phoney excuse, the poor can’t get ID’s??? Most of the Blue(purple?) shirts, and their lawyer, looked able to pay for a $5- $10 dollar ID. The library ID cards are free, and the illegals are not denied the use of them, neither are the homeless. Bus cards are also free, or discounted for the poor. They can go to the SS and get a new card, many of them have military card ‪#‎s‬, and the social agencies are good at helping people get ID cards when they lose them. So who are the ones who really need IDs? Those who are not eligible to get them because they’re here illegally, or have changed identities to hide criminal backgrounds.

If the City goes into the business of issuing will be costing tax payers in various ways: the expense of ID cards for these people, and the additional cost of employees to handle the thousands of applications; will be an unnecessarily high increase to our city taxes, in addition to the possibility of those cards being lost, sold, abused using them to vote? Many of the illegals lie and claim to be citizens and having lost their Birth Certificate …like Ed Pastor’s, retired Congressman’s parents who could never find their birth certificate? Yet, they lived here all their adult lives, had children and grandchildren born here and just remained here, he even has a healthy retirement from Congress, where he did much to help the illegal alien population. Many of those who have obtained college degrees and are doing well. While native Americans, and the descendants of long generations of hard working Americans have not been able to afford a college education. No other country would put their citizens below illegal entrants. Sadly, our bleeding hearts do just that.

Now Ed Pastor’s daughter, is a councilwoman in the City of Phoenix, where she can continue to advance the lives of those who come here illegally, as her father did. Why? Loyalty to their “race” as they call it.
I know of no other country who would value unauthorized entrants to their country who would do what some of the misguided Hispanics do for their “RAZA” Why we wonder? No need to wonder, during the 60’s they swore to take this country they call “Aztlan” back, claiming it’s theirs. They have not made it a secret, you can read it in their writings, and in many of their rantings during their protests. One of their leaders even said “We will take the country back, not by war, but by population!, Gringos are old, and we like making many babies who will take this country back!” There’s a tape of that huge protest in L.A. where a professor made that claim. It can be found online. And the bleeding hearts, the clergy, the liberals and the idiots are here to aid and abet the realization of their prophesy. WAKE UP AMERICANS, NOT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NICE PEOPLE! Sure, some are well behaved, but the fact that they break the laws to enter, and continue to break more laws as they go on with their lives in this country, with the increasing help of “their people”?

There were 3 Councilmen voting on the issuing of the cards. Republican Jim Waring was the only one who gave rational reasons why a municipal ID is not necessary because obviously people are accessing many
City services. Librarians were there to testify how easy it is to obtain the cards they issue, even to those here illegally, or the homeless who spend time inside the library during the hot or cold weather. Also the shelters have social workers who help them get assistance in many different ways. Councilman Waring did not feel the city of Phoenix needs to issue a municipal ID card. He gave several examples of IDs that can be obtained with ease. Those of us who were there opposing the ID, agree with his reasoning. We also fear the increase in city taxes to pay for the inevitable expense, another reason why not to approve the ID Card, people living on SS, or small pensions can’t afford anymore City tax increases of this kind.

Laura Pastor and Daniel Valenzuela, the two Democrats voted for the for the IDs.

If you live in Phoenix, distribute this information and call city hall to oppose the unnecessary municipal ID. If this passes in Phoenix, it will make it to all cities in the State. We mustn’t allow any more socialism.

Anna Gaines, M.Ed. PCLD15

Oakland CA City ID Prepaid MasterCard


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Open border anarchists we are fighting on this issue (link):

  • Arcoiris Liberation Team
  • Arizona Dream Act Coalition
  • Arizona Community Action Association
  • Arizona Latino Arts & Culture Center (ALAC)
  • ASU Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA)
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  • Creighton School District
  • Equality Arizona
  • Fuerza Local
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
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  • Kimberly Roland, St. Mary’s Food Bank
  • Lawrence Robinson, Roosevelt School Board
  • Living United for Change (LUCHA)

Phoenix is trying to copycat the City Oakland by allowing illegals get the card using a Matricula Consular:

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 4.24.28 PM


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Phoenix City Council Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee Meeting – March 25, 2015 (0ur testimony begins at around the 49 minute mark)