Mother of Son Slain by Illegal Shocked at Steinle Verdict #BuildKatesWall #KateSteinle #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll #Trump

Suspect even admitted to crime in 2015!

By Joe Jankowski Friday, December 01, 2017

The mother of a teenaged boy who was beaten to death by an illegal immigrant says she is “sickened” by the shock Steinle verdict.

Appearing on Fox News on Friday morning, Laura Wilkerson said that she was “physically sick” when she heard the verdict of Kate Steinle’s murder trial, calling it a “mockery.”

“I’ll tell you what, I was physically sick when I heard the verdict, it’s such a mockery,” Wilkerson said. “So many parents called me last night to tell me they were just back in shock and stunned about this verdict.”

Wilkerson, whose son Josh was brutally beaten to death by an illegal immigrant in 2010, does not believe seven-time felon and five-time deported illegal alien Jose Garcia Zarate should have been given such leeway in the American justice system.

“I don’t think he gets due process seven times,” Wilkerson said. “These are rights of an American citizen. I don’t think he should have those rights to begin with, let alone as many times as he did.”

“You know if you or I had seven felonies where we would be today, it’s an absolutely stunning verdict,” she went on.

A jury found Zarate – formerly known as Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – not guilty in the 2015 murder case of Kate Steinle on Thursday evening.

The only count Zarate was charged with was felony possession of a weapon.

The most shocking aspect of the verdict case may be the fact that Zarate has previously admitted to shooting Kate Steinle in 2015 during a jailhouse interviewwith ABC.

Wilkerson told Fox that her mind is blown over the jury’s decision to acquit the five-time deport illegal immigrant of murder and grieved for the Steinle family.

“You or I would be found guilty of (murder),” she said about the trial. “I don’t care if it was an accident. I mean, do you think that the Steinle’s care about that? They’ve got to be just about dying inside again because of what has happened to them from this justice system.”

“It’s beyond words, I’m sickened,” Wilkerson conveyed.

After getting into the egregious murder of her son, the outraged Wilkerson went on to slam the historically lax enforcement of immigration laws in the U.S. which has allowed people like Zarate to reenter the country and commit crimes over and over.

“What is the deterrent?” Wilkerson asked, making it clear she believes there isn’t anything stopping re-entry. “It’s a laughing stock … its weakness at it’s best.”

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