Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy (MSIP) critically examines Comprehensive Amnesty Bill

Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy (MSIP) critically examines    Comprehensive Amnesty Bill  S. 744

Calls on Congress to Remember the Lessons of the Failed 1986 Amnesty

The “Gang of Eight” immigration bill is a disaster for American workers. It opens up our immigration system, inviting millions of new  foreign job seekers to compete for American jobs and drive down our wages.  This   bill includes  a shameless and sweeping amnesty for millions of illegal workers and their employers, who cheated the system for decades, while the federal government played “wink and nod” with the employers.  The  enforcement measures are toothless promises, both at the border and the interior of the country.  And the costs of amnesty, falling on our children and grandchildren, are staggering. We need reform, but not this kind.                     

No More Amnesties!

WHO:  Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy

WHAT: Press conference by citizens of Maine addressing the pitfalls in S. 744 and calling on Congress to avoid the errors of the failed l986 amnesty.

When: Tuesday, May 21st, 2013, 11:00 am

Where : Somerset Room, Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine

MSIP supports the following recommendations:  

1. Mandatory use of E-Verify by employers to ensure a legal workforce.

2. Strengthen border enforcement to stop, to the maximum extent possible, the flow of illegal entrants and contraband into the US and to increase national security.

3.  Stiff penalties and fines against employers who knowingly hired unauthorized workers,  helped employees procure fraudulent documents, colluded in identify theft, and  paid workers under the table,  violating  multiple wage and labor laws, and tax evasion.

4.  Depoliticize the process. Immigration should be determined by independent commissions who examine the impact of total immigration numbers on healthcare costs, wages,  environmental goals, and other national priorities. The Department of Labor should be involved in adjusting immigration numbers in response to employment needs.   So called “labor shortages” will be verified by independent labor economists, not self interested business employers making their case to the press with corporate funded think tanks.

5.  Limit family reunification to nuclear families. Focus on immigrant skills that will help the economy, and truly complement the existing workforce, not compete for jobs and wages.

6.  Enforce our public charge laws which require immigrants to be financially responsible for the family members they sponsor.

7. Reform guest worker programs to end fraud and abuse, and enact periodic reviews of guest worker legislation and its impact on workers and businesses.

8. Immigration numbers must be reduced to stabilize our population, as part of our continued efforts to limit our environmental footprint and preserve the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

This is too important to rush. Go slowly, and do it right this time.

About Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy

Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy is a grass roots organization that believes that immigration deserves a deeper, more fact based discussion than what we typically see in our sound bite culture. We support the principles and recommendations from President Clinton’s US Commission on Immigration Reform (Jordan Commission).  Since 1998, we have worked with journalists, government officials, and other opinion leaders, advocating for a holistic discussion of immigration policy that addresses the interests of all affected parties, and not just those of well funded lobbies and foreign governments.

Contact person:  Jonette Christian




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