La Raza Group sends threatening Letter to City of Oceanside demanding they switch to race…

This affects all of our cities in California.  Is this happening in your state yet?

See attached March 22nd threatening letter to the City of Oceanside full of lies and accusing the city government of “racism” because we have only one Latino on the city council.  Huh?  Apparently if Oceanside voters don’t elect 3-5 Latinos to city government, they are racist and discriminatory?  Never mind that Latino voters in Oceanside make up only about 30% of the electorate and that Ester Sanchez has been on the council for over 16 years, reelected four times now, and consistently gets the most votes against all challengers, including beating out 6 contenders for the top spot just last November.   And from 2002-2009, there were two Latinos on the council – Sanchez and Rocky Chavez.  And from 1994-2002, Oceanside had a very popular black mayor, Terry Johnson.  And other Latinos have served on the city council throughout the past 30 years.  But to these outside leftist, open border thugs threatening to bankrupt Oceanside, Mayor Johnson doesn’t count because he wasn’t Latino.  Totally outrageous!

And we thought this racial division and race-based politics went out in the 1960’s?  Nope.  It is still alive and kicking in California thanks to the Latino and open border operatives who apparently have unlimited funds to coerce our cities into submission and/or sue our cities into oblivion, like they did with Palmdale in 2013, milking them for over 4.5 million dollars because they fought the frivolous lawsuit and a judge ruled against the city and gave the Latino plaintiffs a ridiculous settlement.  La Raza wants more power in our cities and this is how they have chosen to get it, by judicial terrorism tactics.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the la raza group behind this effort, the Southwest Voter Registration Project based in Texas, has, through their sleazy attorney in Malibu named Kevin Shenkman, been suing cities all over SoCal the past few years with false claims of racism to get them to switch to race-based Latino-only voting districts.  At least 22 cities in SoCal have caved in the past few years and switched to race-based district voting, including most recently San Marcos in 2016 and Chula Vista in 2015.

Oceanside has until May 5 to respond to the above letter or the lawyer is threatening to sue.

We the Citizens of Oceanside reject the false racial claims made by Mr. Shenkman and demand that our at-large voting system be kept in place so that we can continue to elect all of our council members, not just one for a tiny district every 4 years.  That would be a violation of our voting rights and a violation of our Republic form of government.  We will take appropriate legal action to protect the rights of ALL Oceanside voters!

The city has scheduled this issue to be on the agenda for Monday, May 3 at the city council meeting.   We will need a large turnout of local residents to show up and speak out against this outrageous demand by far left forces outside our city.   Details soon on an email and phone campaign to the mayor and council.

See and Like our new Facebook page for more information and updates to protect Oceanside voters from outrageous outside race-based voter schemes.   A website is coming soon also.

Below is the March 25th SDUT article about this threatened lawsuit by Kevin Shenkman and ilk.  Note that the letter above is dated March 22, but it was not received by the city until March 27th!  That proves this was a big media publicity stunt by the La Raza operatives and their sleazy lawyer, Shenkman.  They wanted a biased media article attacking Oceanside even before the council knew exactly what was being threatened and what they were being falsely accused of.  These anti-American forces have no shame and know no boundaries to get their race-based voting districts.

More info coming soon on how you can help us fight this and win.  We must stop their reign of terror now, in Oceanside,  before they take every other city in the state and turn them all into racially polarized districts and neighborhoods.  The  Balkanization of our cities must be stopped.

Let’s roll!


Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

San Diego Patriots

Jeff Schwilk Republic

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