Karma at it’s best – Mexicans complain of crime by foreign migrants #WakeupAmerica #BuildTheWall #EnforceAndDeport #NoAmnesty #Trump


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The Mexican people are reportedly getting fed up with the wave of crime, attacks and filth caused by foreign migrants coming across their border.

Mexican news outlet, El Universal, reported Tuesday that residents are protesting the violent acts being committed by the migrants in Tapachula, a city near the Guatemalan border.

Victorino Alvarez Fuentes, the leader of group called “For a Different Mexico,” said at a press conference Sunday, “Our neighbors no longer want to go out into the street” due to fear of the migrants.

At a local migrant shelter called “Bethlehem,” the migrants are reportedly sexually harrassing women and children, using the restroom right out in public, carrying guns, throwing rocks, and constantly fighting among themselves.

The report stated that a 5-year-old Honduran boy was sexually molested on April 30 by another migrant at the shelter, who was apprehended by officials.

Officials from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees had visited the shelter at the end of April.

Residents are reportedly requesting better security and protection against the migrants coming into the area.

Not only are Central Americans flowing into Mexico on their way north, but African and Asian migrants are also coming through as well, all with the intent of crossing illegally into the United States.

In September, 2016, The Guardian reported that during the first seven months of the year, at least 7,882 Africans and Asians had presented themselves to Mexican immigration authorities, and 424 Africans had registered at Tapachula’s immigration center in just a two-day period.



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