Jobs Q & A

Q. LEGAL immigrants are taking jobs?
A. Yes. The “LEGAL” immigrants our government admitted over the last two years landed hundreds of thousands of jobs, while Americans lost millions of jobs. Check out this data from Pew Hispanic Research. Yet today our government continues admitting more than a million legal immigrants and temporary foreign workers per year. Even with 14 million Americans unable to find a job.

Q: Whose jobs are they taking?

A: While the jobs new immigrants are taking cross many categories, lower wage jobs are disproportionately affected. That’s translating to higher unemployment rates and downward wage pressure for all lower income Americans, especially African- Americans, Hispanic Americans and first-generation immigrants.

Q: I thought our LEGAL immigration system was designed to bring in the world’s smartest people to drive America’s economy?
A: That’s a myth. Less than 6% of immigrants are admitted based on economics or job skills. The majority of immigrants admitted to America reflect the same lower education levels associated with illegal immigration. And they compete for the same jobs as Americans with lower education levels.

Q: America admits more than 1,000,000 LEGAL immigrants per year. How does that compare to other countries?
A: America admits more LEGAL immigrants than any other industrialized country in the world. More than France, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, Canada and Switzerland, combined.

Q: Why do our leaders stand by and allow the flow of foreign workers to continue?
A: Actually, some of our leaders, Democrats and Republicans, are working hard right now to improve our immigration system. But they’re fighting an uphill battle. Many Republicans, representing the interests of big business and the US Chamber of Commerce, want to ensure an unlimited supply of cheap labor. Cheap labor helps big corporations fatten their bottom lines and pleases Wall Street. Many Democrats see mass immigration as a way to win elections, since new immigrants often vote Democratic. Some even have the audacity to suggest we should increase immigration, rationalizing that more consumers will spur the economy. How can they spur the economy if they don’t have jobs? The good news is our leaders will listen to you.