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San Diegans for Secure Borders is teaming up with Unite America First, Frontline America, San Diego Patriots, Latinos for Trump, and other local patriot groups to hold a big border rally near the new prototype walls in Otay Mesa.  Between our various pro-border security groups, we have over 150 Patriots RSVP’d so far, and more by the hour as word spreads about this great and needed rally we have planned, especially in light of all the recent attacks on our Border Patrol agents and the horrible Kate Steinle verdict on Friday, killed by a criminal alien that was set free by Sanctuary City San Fransisco.

Our theme is Build the Wall and Support our Border Patrol Agents.


WHEN:  Saturday, Dec. 9, 12 Noon – 2 pm.

WHERE:  Eastern end of Airway Rd., Otay Mesa (east San Diego), about ½ mile east of the 905 Freeway, and about ½ mile north of the border.  (see attached map – “convenient viewing” spot).    Rally will be at the end of the road.  Park along the very lightly used 4 lane road near the end.

Approximate address for your GPS is 10200 Airway Rd, San Diego 92154.   Just keep going east on Airway Rd. until it dead ends.


Guest speakers confirmed so far:

– Tim Donnelly – Former Minuteman Leader in California and former CA Assemblyman.  Currently running for Congress.

– Agnes Gibboney – Angel Mom in San Bernardino County. Her son Ronald was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien.

– Rosalie Rosas – Wife of BP Agent Robert Rosas, murdered by illegal aliens at the border near Campo, CA in 2009.

– A popular pro-border security Congressman is tentatively confirmed!

– Leaders of strong Patriot groups in California.

  More big speaker announcements coming soon!

Bring:  Border security and illegal immigration signs, American flags, binoculars to see the new prototype walls, and water. 

* Legal personal protection is allowed in case rowdy anti-American protesters show up.

Note: Cell service is weak at this location.

EASY DIRECTIONS:  805 or 125 SOUTH to 905 EAST, turns into CA-11 EAST.  Turn RIGHT on Enrico Fermi Dr. (south), LEFT on Airway Rd (east) all the way to the end. Park on the side of the road and walk to rally point at the end of the road (dead end).

Testing on the 8 new border walls began last week and will be ongoing for the next few weeks.   The end of Airway Rd. is as close to the new walls as we can get due to heightened security.  Bring binoculars if you want to get a good look at the prototypes.  The Border Patrol has been informed and is supportive of our rally.  SDPD will be keeping us safe and separated from any open border protesters.

It is time get out and show our public support for President Trump’s secure border wall!  The weak RINOs in Congress dragging their feet on funding the wall and border security need to hear from We the People!  Lots of media expected, including national media.  All citizens in favor of secure borders are welcome.  Hope to see you there!

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Another Border Patrol agent was attacked last week near the border in Arizona, but this time the agent shot and killed the illegal alien attacker!

Two other assaults on BP agents have occurred in AZ and San Diego County in the past week.  And of course last week Agent Rogelio Martinez was ambushed and murdered in TX by illegal aliens.  Apparently it is now open season on our brave border agents by Mexican smugglers and illegals.  That is not acceptable.


Jeff Schwilk


Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

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