DML: I just got off the phone with two border patrol agents, here is what they told me… #BuildTheWall #DeportThemALL #NoAmnesty #EndDACANow #Trump


With Trump touting his amnesty plan, I found myself curious this afternoon to see how it all impacts the border. Thus, I made two phone calls this afternoon to border agents. Why? Because there is no better way to measure things than to speak with the agents who face this stuff first hand.

First, let me remind readers of an interview that took place last week.

Kris Kobach, a staunch immigration hawk who is running to be the governor of Kansas, recently told Breitbart News that a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border could reach up to one million border-crossings — “guaranteed”–  following a possible amnesty plan revealed by Trump.

Kobach said he warned President Trump against negotiating a deal wherein illegal aliens shielded from deportation by the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are given amnesty, saying such a plan would trigger a massive border surge. Obviously, Trump didn’t listen.

Over the years, I have received numerous emails and phone calls from border agents who work along the Rio Grande. They often send me videos and pictures, and in return I keep their names out of the headlines. So, no, I will not provide the names of the agents with whom I spoke today. You will have to take my word for it.

I will tell you that both men work in two different sectors in Texas, both of them along the Rio Grande. The one guy, Agent 1, I speak with on a semi-regular basis. The other man reached out to me years ago, but we had never made contact prior to this afternoon.

Portions of my interview with AGENT 1…

DML: Are the number of crossings picking up? And are the reports true that the family units and kids coming over are increasing?

A1: Yes. It was good for the first few months Trump was in office.  People feared his words. Now they know it’s just words so they are coming again in large numbers. We saw the increase last month and this month.

DML: What’s it like now, today?

A1: We’re getting crushed because so many illegals are getting away.  We don’t have the boots (manpower). We need more boots.

DML: What are the numbers like?

A1: They took our reporting techniques away — they don’t want us reporting the got-aways. They require us to give impossible proof of got-aways.

DML: I don’t understand?

A1: We used to have a solid way of figuring the number of people we did not apprehend. But they changed it.  The process they have us doing now is impossible. Many agents just give up and so it doesn’t go reported, the number of got-aways.

DML: Got-aways are the people who cross and do not surrender, and they ultimately get away from you, thus, making into the USA?

A1: Exactly.

DML: Why would they do this?

A1: Guys complained but they don’t care. I think it is to make it look like the numbers aren’t as bad as they are. There wouldn’t be so many if we just had the manpower we need. But the smugglers know we don’t have the boots, so they take advantage of us and they know nothing is being done to stop the flow.

DML: Have you seen any improvement from the Trump administration?

A1: We remain hopeful, but nothing yet. We haven’t seen anything.  Things are just like they were under President Obama, but we remain hopeful because we believe he cares and supports us. But right now it’s all words no actions.

DML: Can you give me another example of how things remain bad?

A1: Sure. We’re still capturing and releasing families and kids.

DML: What? Are you seriously saying they are being let go into America like they were under Obama?

A1: Yes. They tell us they don’t have the beds.

DML: Who are ‘THEY’?

A1: It comes from DC, we are told.

DML: Is the morale down?

A1: It was super high in the beginning but it is starting to fade. Guys are getting the sense nothing is going to change and we would like to have a wall. I know some people don’t think the wall is any big deal, but it would help us where we are, because it would limit the points of entry and give us more time to respond. I also want to say that the reason why we don’t have the boots is because guys left the agency over the past few years. We thought we’d see a big pop in new agents with Trump, and there are some new classes of agents being trained, but it’s just not enough to get 5 new guys. We need like 50 news guys to stop the hundreds of people flowing thru my sector every day uncaught.

DML: Anything else to add to make me more pissed off than I already am?

A1: A woman from the Texas side — she’s a US citizen — she is part of a smuggling ring. We’ve caught her three times in the past few weeks at the checkpoints. We take her in and they let her out free. So she keeps smuggling people into the US.

DML: Why?

A1: Prosecutor says there isn’t enough there to justify going after her.


DML: Hey, thanks for sending me your number, you must have seen me on Hannity years ago?

A2: Yes, Mr. Lynch. Thanks for finally calling me.

DML: Took me long enough!

A2: (Laughs) That’s ok, Sir.

DML: You have nothing to worry with me, I will never reveal your name. BP knows me well.

 A2: I know.

DML: Are you guys catching and releasing families and kids?

A2: Yes. Lots of the kids are 15 and 16 years old.

DML: When I was down by your sector during the Obama surge, you guys were putting the illegals on busses and sending them off to Somewhere, USA. This was done after you had done a fast look over and finger printing. This still the case?

A2: Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that we still retain them temporarily — we can’t keep them for more than 72-hours — and then we release them after a background check comes up clean. But you probably know that means nothing because the names are probably fake.

DML: Yes. I know.

A2: I say no because the difference is with Obama we put them on busses, but now with Trump we put them on airplanes.

DML: Sounds like a f*cking upgrade?

A2:  It’s done through a contractor. I think it’s called IES. They handle all of it. They send them to these facilities which are like summer camps. Games, sports…. everything. It’s like a resort. It’s really crazy how nice they’ve made it for them.

DML: What happens once there?

A2: I’m told they get released into the public. All I know is we’ll never see these people again.

DML: Have you seen any upside at all from the Trump administration, other than your 401K? And look, before you answer the question you probably know I voted for the guy, and I won’t ask you to share your vote but I have to assume you didn’t vote for Hillary…

A2: (He laughs about the Hillary comment). My 401K is up. (laughs).

DML: I really want to help you guys, but unless I get the truth, I can’t.

A2: I understand. I have to say no, not really. I mean, the numbers were down for a while which I guess is something you can credit to Mr. Trump, but they are picking up again. Aside from that there isn’t much to report differently. No new technology or fencing. No new guys really to speak of helping out.

DML: You’ll keep me up to date with new developments?

A2: You mean photos and stuff?

DML: Yes.

A2: Sure, if I can. It’s hard. We can get fired.

DML: I know. Don’t risk anything on my account. Last question. The other agent I spoke to about the border … he said there is no sign of slowdown in drug smuggling. Are you seeing the same thing?

A2: Mr. Lynch, the drugs never stop. We get busses filled with drugs hidden in the tires, seats and you name it. The drugs are nonstop.

DML: No impact or signs of slowdown due to Trump being president?

A2: No.

DML: How do you feel about the possibility of 1.8M amnesty recipients? You think they love Trump right about now?

A2: We’re really disappointed. Everyone thinks the amnesty will be 4 million people or more, and we know we’ll probably get slammed soon with a new wave of juvies (kids) and families coming. We’re not happy about that at all.

DML: Thank you for the honesty.

A2: Thank you for caring enough to call me, Mr. Lynch. Nobody seems to pay much attention to what we’re doing down here. It’s nice to know you are.

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