DC March


Remember 1986 coalition members,

Behind-the-scenes, I’ve been working with DC’s Leah D. and California’s Ted Hayes to help get this NATIONAL March against Amnesty organized in DC.  It’s being called the “DC March for Jobs”.

I’m happy to report it has been organized!  And, if we get enough people, we will have a FREE BUS driving us there from Arizona!  So, it’s very important to let me know if you can make it.

I’m also attaching the flier, which has more of the Details.

It appears that, perhaps *finally*, there is some leadership and direction among Black Americans who understand the catastrophic consequences of illegal mass migration.  And, Leah D. and Ted H. are among the Black Americans that are leading this “DC March for Jobs”, with the emphasis on how illegal mass migration is hurting Black Americans.

Here are the bare bones Details:

WHAT:  DC March for Jobs and AGAINST Amnesty, lead by the newly-formed Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA)

WHEN:  July 15, 2013 (a MONDAY) at 9:30AM

WHERE:  Meet at Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC and march to the Capitol from there

BRING:  Cameras and Signs!  Remember:  Signs that are Simple, and in bold-faced lettering work best.  A Simple “NO AMNESTY” sign works!

NOTE:  If we have enough people, we will have a FREE BUS leaving from AZ to DC!

For More Info:  Please visit http://dcmarchforjobs.com/, Laura Ingraham Show recording

CONTACT:  Barb at REMEMBER1986COALITION@GMAIL.COM to let her know if you AND your friends can make it!

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