Comments needed: Document lists immigration proposals White House wants in exchange for Dreamer fix #Trump

Mandate E-Verify

End Chain Migration

McClatchy reports that the White House is working on a “wish list” that it would demand in exchange for a DACA amnesty:

“The White House document includes several proposals already introduced in standalone bills — eliminating protections for unaccompanied children who are in the country illegally; restricting eligibility for asylum, humanitarian parole and abused or abandoned foreign children; raising fees for visas; reducing legal immigration by placing people with certain skills at the front of the line; hiring thousands more immigration officers, prosecutors and judges; and implementing E-verify…”

Emphasis added.


This is a rare opportunity to weigh in on what the top immigration reforms should be.

We recommend mandatory E-Verify and ending Chain Migration — both of which are central to the debate over DACA.

Without mandatory E-Verify and the elimination of Chain Migration parents around the world will continue to put their children in the very same situation. Chain Migration would turn a DACA amnesty of 723,000 into eventual green cards for 3,760,000; Chain Migration would turn a DREAM Act amnesty of 3,338,000 into eventual green cards for 17,358,000.

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Mandate E-Verify
End Chain Migration



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