Citizens unite to fight amnesty S744 at Tucson Federal Courthouse

TUCSON, AZ – The citizens of Arizona join in a coalition of citizen lobbyists and border control organizations on this day in calling on Congress to solve the illegal immigration crisis that has plagued the U.S. for decades.  The Remember 1986 Coalition will participate in the “No on S.744″ National Day of Action.


WHO:               The Remember 1986 Coalition including academics, activists, politicians and media personalities

WHAT:            Press conference by citizens of Tucson to denounce, S744, the comprehensive amnesty bill and call on Congress to remember the lessons of failed 1986 amnesty.

WHEN:            Tuesday, May 21st, 2013, 10:00am

WHERE:          In front of Federal Courthouse, 405 W. Congress St.

The Remember 1986 Coalition advocates for true immigration reform without a controversial amnesty element which has scuttled previous attempts at federal immigration legislation. 

For additional information contact, Richard Kimpel, 520-743-3581,



Are you aware that this “amnesty” is the worst of all of them! THIS IS WHAT THIS AMNESTY DOES:

1.   give a “path to” citizenship to gangmembers, violent criminals (no matter how long their rap sheet) & terrorists already here!; 

2.  will cost Americans $9.3 Trillions they will give to illegal aliens, will allow illegals to keep the jobs they have stolen from Americans; 

3.  will give immediate U.S. entry for millions of illegals

4.  there are not 11 million but 40-60 million illegal aliens in the country according to stats from different organizations;

5.  there are 23 Million Americans unemployed and they will have to compete for jobs with these millions of illegals with more coming in all the time.

6.  will give DHS (Nappie) unlimited powers in waiving crimes of illegals & do all sorts of things “for” illegals!

7. will give 33 Million foreign workers visas for Americans’ jobs!

8.  IT DOES NOT SECURE THE BORDER!  and does not stop most of the illegal invasion from even happening!

9.  it does not prevent more amnesties!

10. will give Mexico millions of Mexicans more(they already are 80% of all illegals) to make their Revolution on the U.S. (even though it’s based on lies & myths) to take over first the SW of the U.S. (& then many want the entire nation)!!!

11. It will overcrowd and overburden even more – our schools, our hospitals, etc., etc. and deplete even more our Social Services, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc.,(they will be eligible for right away!).

12. will facilitate the making of the Globalist North American Union (which would take away our sovereignty and put together the U.S., Mexico & Canada

13. illegals will be able to file class action lawsuits against the U.S. and we will be forced to pay for their attorneys yet!!

(14. this amnesty breaks their promise to the American people about English and about having to pay back taxes!)


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