ACTION ALERT! San Diego schools to be the first Sharia law compliant schools in America #WakeUpAmerica #Trump

ACTION ALERT! Email & Call San Diego School Board Members

Please take action and forward, no matter where you live – If we don’t stop this in San Diego, this will spread all over the country, thanks to CAIR and their jihad to indoctrinate all of our youth

Contact San Diego Unified School Board District members and tell them to rescind their new Islamic Sharialaw-compliant policies, which CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) drafted for them to indoctrinate our K-12 children in pro-Islam, anti-American ideology.

Cindy Marten, Superintendent    (619) 725-5506

Richard Barrera, Board president  (619) 725-5550

Kevin Beiser, Board vice-president   (619) 725-5550

John Lee Evans, Board trustee   (619) 725-5550

Michael  McQuary, Board trustee  (619) 725-5550

Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, Board trustee-  (619) 725-5550

The next school board meeting is next Tuesday evening, April 25th.

New WND Article on SDUSD Muslim Policies

This new video explains the situation in San Diego schools thoroughly:


Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

San Diego Patriots

Jeff Schwilk Republic

ICE Hotline:  866-347-2423   (Call in any suspicious activity)

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